Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Great case study on the "rebirth of community policing" in a small diverse town in Minnesota: 


"Connections and relationship building contacts have helped the officers know and understand the community they serve in new ways, and rather than reacting to crime, true crime prevention has begun in the community."

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

James Blake, Retired Tennis Star, meets with NYC Mayor and Chief of Police regarding his mistaken arrest

Retired Tennis Star James Blake was pleased with the conversation on Monday with Mayor de Blasio and Police Commissioner Bratton after his mistaken arrest by NYPD earlier this month:


The two sides saw opportunities to move forward with reforms that would help strengthen the relationship between police and communities across New York City. 

The Trust Prize Vision and Executive Summary

The vision for the The Community Trust and Policing Innovation Prize is to shine a bright light on what is actually working in America between communities of color and police departments. While we fully recognize and hear much about how these two communities are polarized and at odds, we hear little of the local community examples in the U.S. where collaboration and community policing are innovating to build a higher ground: reducing the divide between them and building healthier and safer environments with increased trust and transparency, and decreased crime, violence, and racial profiling. Recognizing the sense of urgency our nation has around these issues and the need for immediate solutions, the Trust Prize will mobilize financial and other resources by leveraging the best of what “prize philanthropy”, social media, and technology have to offer. Specifically, over the next 10 years the Trust Prize will honor 3-5 specific communities of varying population sizes and demographics each year to help publicize the work being done on the ground and provide financial assistance and other resources for the winning communities to further their progress. In addition, a key intention of the Trust Prize will be convening/knowledge sharing to promote and share best practices with other interested communities wanting to leverage these successes.

Here's more on the those advising the Trust Prize.